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take back control

Find out why millions of women across the world have chosen Leg Master® to help strengthen their pelvic floor and restore their confidence.

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Kathryn Habgood, Thermologist
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Why Leg Master®?

It was after the birth of my 4th daughter, when I was 43 years old that I decided enough was enough. My pelvic floor was definitely not where it was before I had children. My days of going on the trampoline were definitely over and going out shopping was a challenge unless there were bathrooms close by.

I knew it couldn’t just be me who felt as if I didn’t have control, but it was something I really didn’t want to talk about and I felt there was nothing I could do about it. That’s when I said to my husband “come on there must be something we could create to really help people like me feel confident again."

We wanted something that everyone could do in the comfort of their own home. Something that would get great results in a short amount of time. So we developed Leg Master®, the minute-a-day routine that’ll help you take back control.

Fiona Summers
Fiona Summers
Founder, Leg Master®

How it works

Fortunately, the muscles that do the heavy lifting are those of the inner thigh. These are the hard-to-reach muscles, not normally used in exercise.

As you stand on the Leg Master®, your body weight rests on the lower section of the curved ramp. But lifting your body weight up the ramp - even though you’re gliding gently - takes a lot of muscle-power.

What women say about Leg Master®

  • Strengthens pelvic floor & core
  • Lifts & tones your buttocks
  • Tightens your inner & outer thighs

“I always knew my pelvic floor needed work, but I never realised how weak my pelvic floor was until I started using Leg Master®. I felt the results almost instantly and noticed increased strength in my core. If you buy this machine for nothing else, get it for your pelvic floor.”

Karen, United Kingdom.
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“Leg Master® targets areas that no other machine can. You will definitely feel this working within seconds. I have tried many exercises to strengthen my Pelvic Floor and they work but are time consuming and bore me to tears. This little beauty does it all; core, butt, inner/outer legs and pelvic floor. I highly recommend.”

Gloria, United Kingdom.
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“After THREE DAYS girls, I no longer need those awful liners, nor do I carry them around just in case! And I used to wear them to bed as when I stood up in the morning I was sprinting to the bathroom. I am ecstatic about this product! I do 60 seconds after my morning coffee and the results are amazing!”

Christine, United Kingdom.
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“The Leg Master® has helped to stretch the muscles in my left leg and it has greatly improved the strength of my bladder!”

Jacqueline, United Kingdom.
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Clinically proven

“After using Leg Master® all my patients have noticed an improved level of strength in their leg muscles, especially those in the pelvic area and the inside upper leg. This strength has helped reduce symptoms of incontinence giving them a higher level of confidence.”


Leg Master®

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